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About This Site

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It’s our wildest dream to be a place for artists, writers, and other creative ne’er-do-wells to showcase their talent. Submissions are currently open on topics of COVID-19 (art created during or inspired by the pandemic), and gravity.

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Uncategorized ➤ November 20, 2022

At the White Sands Motel

By Peter Grieco “The problem is not ‘what is meaning?’—if it wereone could not, in any case, stay for an answer.” To get a sense of Culler’s impatience, click onthe Wikipedia entry for “Meaning (philosophy).”Soames…

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Uncategorized ➤ November 20, 2022

Binary Opposition

By Peter Grieco “When reducing the continuous to thediscrete, one calls upon binaryoppositions for establishing distinction.” How big was that fish you caught?Oh. It was B-I-I-I-I-G, all rightsays a proud fisherman stretching outhis vowel as…

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Uncategorized ➤ November 20, 2022

The Hat is on the Cat

By Peter Grieco “Linguists need to know what utterancesmean to speakers of the language, whetherthey are well-formed or deviant, whether theyare ambiguous or not, & what would alterthat meaning.” “The cat is on the mat”…

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Uncategorized ➤ November 20, 2022


By Peter Grieco “. . . various rules make it possible to marry,to score a goal, to write a poem, to be impolite.” Can it be that when Levi-Strauss admitsthat “particular actions of individuals are…

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Uncategorized ➤ November 20, 2022

Culture & Nature

STRUCTURALIST POETICSJonathan Culler, 1975 By Peter Grieco “Social & cultural phenomena are not simplymaterial objects or events but objectsor events with meaning.”“Meaning” for Culler& the Structuralists he consulted, is symbolic.Natural events (whether they occuraround us,…

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